It is going to be wonderful for you to have...

...clients pre-booking before they leave.

...recommending their friends and family.

...strangers messaging you to get appointments.

...not having to deal with numerous no-shows or cancellations.

...charging what you are worth.

This sounds like a beautiful way to work, doesn't it not?!

You deserve to work this way without having to discount services, pay for advertising or work around everyone else's schedule.

Our industry is all about building trusting relationships and I want to show you how to do exactly that! Follow these tips CONSISTENTLY and you will build yourself a sustainable business full of loyal fans!



  • Do you do most of the talking when you have a client in your chair???
    .......not cool.

    Do you complain and gossip and spread negative vibes all over your clients?
    ....sooo not cool.

    What if you simply stopped talking, started asking questions and listened

    What if you were INTENTIONAL about making your clients feel important?

    Do you think they would want to come back and talk more about themselves next time they need their hair done? Heck yes they would! I would! Who doesn't love talking about themselves?!


    ***But what do I ask them?! I never know what to talk to people about?! Man, the thought of not just talking to fill the silence makes me super nervous...ahhh!

    If these thoughts are going through your head as you even just read this, don't sweat it, I've got you covered!

    When you register for Building a Loyal Client
    Base 101, you get a printable PDF of 25 super interesting questions to use as conversation starters...for FREE!

    With a little bit of practice, and a lot of holding your tongue and just listening, I promise your clients will be wanting back into that chair of yours to finish off their stories asap!

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