Creating a Crystal Clear Vision

Why? Why do you want to own your own business? Is it for the freedom? For the lifestyle? To have control over your schedule? That is why I did it, why I stepped away from the salon and became my own boss.

I wanted to control my own schedule. To have as many holidays as I wanted. To be able to choose which clients I serviced and which I didn't, sounded like a dream to me. I wanted to craft my days to look exactly how I wanted them to look. (I now take a bath at 2pm every day. It is the only time of day my house is silent...perfect bath atmosphere ;) ) I no longer work evenings or weekends. I don't haul ass at Christmas or back to school working 12 hours days to fit everyone in anymore. Nope, no more.

Why do YOU want to own your own business? You need to have a WHY bigger than any excuse. (Oh the excuses and the fear...they will come is just so much easier to stay inside your comfort zone, don't you agree?!) But ya know what? All exceptional things live on the other side of your comfort zone!!!

(these questions available to print below)

How do you see this successful new business changing your life in 1 year? 5 years?

What do you want your lifestyle to look like long term?

What sort of impact will this successful business have on your family? your health? your happiness?

What cost will you have paid in your life by NOT taking action to build this business?

Where will you be in 5 years if you let your fears keep you comfortable where you are now?

How will you feel in 5 years when you DO build a thriving business?!

Really dive deep into this. Just spend some time answering these questions and really feeling all the feels. Come back and revisit your answers EVERY MORNING. Revisit these answers when things get scary. Revisit these answers when doubt creeps in and your excuses take over. Again, you need your WHY to be bigger than any excuses you will come up with!

"Vision is the compass that guides us towards the future of business. It is the ability to see beyond the horizon, to anticipate opportunities and challenges, and to chart a course that transforms possibilities into reality. A clear and compelling vision ignites innovation, fuels perseverance, and empowers teams to reach new heights. Embrace the power of vision, and together, we shall forge a future where every challenge becomes an opportunity and every dream becomes a triumph." - author unknown

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