Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Oh, the fear! We ALL experience it from one time to another. Are you going to let it hold you back from creating an amazing life? Or are you going to recognize it for what it really is?

False Evidence Appearing Real

Isn't it wild how our minds can weave together false tales of how situations will turn out....

Here are a few quick steps you can take to overcome the fear:

  1. Write down your goals and big vision. (Yay already did this!) Revisit you why, your reasons for starting, all the time! I'm talking every single day.
  2. Skip thinking it's going to be perfect. Just skip that part. It won't be. Instead, just be ok with enjoying the journey.
  3. Baby steps. When you have a clear plan of action you will feel more confident about what you are doing. (There is a checklist later in this course to keep things laid out a simplified...I got your back)
  4. Chat with other independent business owners and ask them what the best part of owning their own business is. (Keep the positive vibes in the forefront always.)
  5. Believe in yourself! Sounds cheesy but most people never take a chance because they waste their energy caring about what other people will think. Who cares what other people think?! Honestly, most people aren't even thinking about you. And the people who are, are probably wishing they had the courage inside themselves to do what you are doing!
  6. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. Spend time with people who have done it before and believe that you will succeed. Have you ever heard the saying, "You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most."? Surround yourself with people who see big vision, the dreamers, and your fears will subside leaving you seeing only potential. (Good thing you are here with us!!)

Are you going to settle for the life you currently have because it is comfortable? Or are you going to take action steps TODAY to create a life that is extraordinary?! You don't want to look back on this time of your life and have regrets.

I hope you are excited to get started!

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